the Academic Seminar on Soil Science for the Future and the 9th Cross-strait Symposium on Soil & Fer
On August 20-22, 2012, the Academic Seminar on Soil Science for the Future and the 9th Cross-strait Symposium on Soil & Fertilizer, sponsored by the Soil Science Society of China were successfully held in Chengdu. Present at the exchange and seminar were nearly 1700 delegates from research, production and education institutions all over the country, including 23 delegates coming from Taiwan and a few from foreign countries. Before the seminar, a three-volume proceedings was published, encompassing 344 papers or abstracts.
At the seminar with Soil Science for the Future as its keynote, Five well-known soil scientists, Academician Zhao Qiguo of the Institute of Soil Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Zhang Fusuo of China Agricultural University, Prof. Wang Mingguang of Taiwan University, Prof. Deng Liangji of Sichuan Agricultural University, and Prof. Wu Jinshui of the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture of Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a report around it one by one.
At the 9th Cross-strait Symposium on Soil & Fertilizer, 13 scientists coming from both sides of the Taiwan Straits respectively gave a report, which had rich content and covered a wide range. This conference not only strengthened scientists’ friendship from both sides, but also promoted the cooperation and development of the soil disciplines of both sides.
While the seminar was going on, 12 committees of SSSC organized 22 meetings, which had 15 topics. A total of 250 scholars and specialists from all corners of the country delivered their reports during the event.