International Cooperation

International Cooperation aims to broaden international exchanges, to build up benign cooperation scenario and atmosphere, and to strengthen its international impact which is the essential path for the SSSC to stand among the world first class. Currently, this society is already a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) and of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies (ESAFS). Quite a number of scientists held posts in the IUSS one after another. 

By far, the SSSC has signed long-term cooperative agreements with a number of world-famous academic institutions, such as the International Council on Plant Nutrition, the Rothamsted Experimental Station of the UK, the International Potassium Institute, the Sulfur Institute (TSI), the International Agricultural Research Center (Japan), etc.. The Distinguished Achievement Award for Sulfur Fertilizer Research established jointly by the SSSC and TSI has already been granted twice (once every four years). Besides, the society has set up a Sino-German Joint Laboratory on Soil and Environment, and a Joint Open Laboratory on Soil and Environment with the Hong Kong Baptist University.

In 2021, Soil Science Society of China(SSSC) signed a strategic cooperation framework with the Soil Science Society of America(SSSA). The agreement will provide mutual benefits for their respective members, including access to media, journals and conferences. Bilateral collaborative working group of SSSC and SSSA has established to discuss details of scientific cooperation and collaboration.

9 Chinese soil scientists from our society hold positions. Vice Congress President - Prof. Zhang Jiabao; Task Force on Election Procedure & Committe on Budget and Finance & Division 1 - Prof. Zhang Ganlin; Divison 1 - Prof. Zhang Ying; Division 2 - Prof. Yan Xiaoyuan and Prof. Xu Jianmin; Division 3 - Prof. Zhang Fusuo and Prof. Shen Renfang; Division 4 - Prof. Zhu Yongguan and Prof. Song Xin.

Recently, the IUSS formally approved the IUSS diversity, equity, and inclusive Policy and the IUSS strategic Plan to guide their work during the following years. For more information of these two document:

IUSS Notice of non-discrimination and DEI Policy
IUSS Strategic Plan 2021-2030