To introduce its members to academic development of related disciplines and research findings in an extensive and timely manner and to help raise academic level of the members, the society sponsors or co-sponsors five academic journals: Acta Pedologica Sinica, Soil Bulletin, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Arid Zone Research, and Pedosphere (in English). Pedosphere, a peer-reviewed international journal in soil sciences, was founded in 1991 and is sponsored jointly by the SSSC; the Institute of Soil Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture, China. It is published bimonthly in English by Elsevier Limited and Science Press.

Besides, the society publishes “SSSC Newsletter (in Chinese)” regularly twice a year internally for its members. It covers guidelines and policies related to the aspect of science and technology, frontier and development of the research in the field of soil (fertilizer) science and its related disciplines, important academic activities, work summary and plans of the society, work processes of provincial societies, consultation, popularization and extension of science and technology, rationalization proposals, academic exchange and cooperation at home and abroad, comments on hot issues in the field of soil science. The latest issue is #78.

In order to promote and strengthen the communications exchanges between soil scientists in China and the rest of the international soil science community, the SSSC launches its first Newsletter (in English) on the 8th World Soil Day. It is published bimonthly, which is a window for Chinese soil scientist to present the latest content concerning progress and achievements and also a link to connect with global soil researchers, to take active role in preparation for the 23rd WCSS to be held in China in 2026.